Taking another route.

I’ve decided as I mentioned in my previous post Ride or Die, to take an exit off this road in the motorcycle business and take another FREEway, a different path.

I loved my life in the motorcycle culture, however things have changed. It’s kind of like when you live in a gritty, cool, raw and real neighborhood and then hipsters move in, buying the image and then changing it into something slick and manufactured. Not everyone is like that, of course. There are the authentic, genuine bikers that remain. But when you actually work in the business you end up not being engaged in the fun part, the riding, the relationships with true people.

I’ve had my good times working at The Broken Spoke and Lone Star Rally. Those years were great. I have fun memories and I just want to keep the good memories.

Now my life is just about riding and being. It’s not about the real public look at me stuff. I don’t like to be so out there like that. I do want to share art, however. Random bits of really awesome art that I create.

I don’t know where this road is going to lead me. It’s been kind of confusing. I miss NYC so much that I dream about her often. Like almost every night. Definitely a fish out of water in Nashville. Though if I have to live here, I live in a very cool, bohemian, God inspired home and on the river. I’ve got an awesome hubby and pets. He is very busy with his music. He is an artist and is constantly in his own world creating music and producing music. Because of this he doesn’t ride his motorcycle as much because his career has taken off and he’s had to really invest a great deal of time and resources into his art.

Being a fish out of water, though, I find it very difficult to connect with people here in Nashville. So, for the past seven years or so, I’ve mostly kept to myself. In Manhattan I was so out and about and intensely social and engaged with life daily. It was beautiful and alive and very intense and unpredictable. I miss that very much.

Being from NYC is like being from a different world entirely. So here I am in Nashville. Wait. What?

So, I don’t know where this new route will lead. But I want to be really open and listen to inner direction, soulful direction. Just be still and kinda get that KNOWing feeling.

For now, it’s me and my dog and cat — the trio. We spend mad hours together. They are my besties these days. Never thought that road I was on would lead to where I am today. Always thought I would be on the road, always. I wrote the song “The Road is My Home” because I loved to roam. But NYC would always be the root and the return. That little apartment on the Upper West Side that I miss so bad my stomach turns. How could I miss that tiny little place? It was sooo small and limited. But was it reallY? Maybe it was the minimal living that let me live large, out there on the open road?

I don’t know.

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