While cruising Amazon dot com I came across The Art of Non-Conformity authored by Chris Guillebeau.

For me to get into a book, I need to believe the author is owning the experience and knowledge from which they speak.

The rehashing, the reciting, the regurgitating of words into a manuscript by a so-called author is quite rampant these days. So, when I come across an author that can hit me in the gut and heart with truth and experience, I am sold.

There is an art to Non-Conformity. The art is realizing that this is your one life to live. The art is awareness and open-mindedness. The art is in independent thinking and living life on your very own terms; and many of us think we do live and think as such, but most of us do not.  Would the world be a happier place if we truly did live life on our own terms in a way that does contribute to a harmonious existence here on earth?

Celebrate non-conformity.  Check out:

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