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Well, I’ve done alot of things in my life.   Most everyone knows me from the world of riding motorcycles.  One of my very favorite activities ever.  Actually, my lifeblood has motor oil in it, I’m certain of that…

In the music business, I’ve done all kinds of roles. Everything from administrative to public relations specialist. It was one of those ladder climbing careers. Only, I hit a glass ceiling and ditched it.   Until now because we own our OWN company now, plus I’m an indie artist and songwriter and there is no glass ceiling in my art.  AND, there’s no glass ceiling at our recording studio, Riverfront Recording just outside of NashV.  It’s a writer’s retreat/recording studio, a business that me and my super fun husband Patrick built from the ground up and it continues to evolve.  We get killer sounds here and we boast an impressive collection of the BEST recording equipment.  We do projects from mild to wild and every genre imaginable.  Start to finish or just an idea sketch.   The creative energy is great here on the river and so is the price.  We plan to expand our operation into the New York City area, my glorious hometown city.

I also work in the motorcycle business (marketing, PR, event planning).  Yep,  I’m an artist of sorts with many miles of life to explore.

Here are some other sites to check out:

www.bikerlady.com – a blast from the past and good ol’ fashion website.  Lots of ol’ journeys here. Check it out.

Down the Road a Peace – ah, this is my ol’ random blog tied to my tumblr account, too. You will note that I had been on a sabatical from this blog because I got caught up writing at random places all over the social networking landscape. So fun to meet new friends and windbros and sisters on the broadband highway.

Chrome Cowgirl Tumblr which is linked to my Down the Road a Peace blog too. Here is a spot where I’m working to place my haikus and random one liners and photos.

www.facebook.com/chromecowgirl – it’s over grown madness.  Always over 1,000 wonderful friends waiting to be added.  I’m overloaded, but please visit and say hi and subscribe.

www.twitter.com/chromecowgirl1 – tweetilicous

www.youtube.com/chromecowgirls – random videos

http://beachbodycoach.com/Motorvation – I’m an independent Beach Body coach too!  Get fit!  Motorvation style!  Physical Fitness is the key to knowing the power of your body, mind and soul.

http://myshakeology.com/Motorvation – Want the most delicious chocolate cake-batter tasting multi-vitamin, mineral, and herbal shake?  Lose Weight, Have Energy, Maximize your Goals.  Drink Shakeology.  This stuff is magic for the bod.

www.motoroadeo.com – some music at bandcamp.

SOUNDCLOUD – check it out.  This is where I will place new music and remixes and alt versions of ol’ favs.   In progress.

Enough about me. Tell me about you!!!!  chromecowgirl at g mail dot com

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