Motorvation – get motorvated!

I have created an entire presentation which includes reading from my books, a video presentation, and music. This is based upon the metaphors of riding motorcycles and being true to yourself, grabbing life by the handlebars and chasing your dreams, and rocking the throttle and celebrating life. A new song to be released this Summer 2013 called Motorvation…so stay tuned.

MOTORVATION FITNESS:  I am a huge advocate of health and fitness. Here is why:

1. Fitness is key to going the distance in life and being able to experience a full life. When you are fit, you are strong. You understand the amazing capability of this magnificent science project called THE PHYSICAL BODY. Our minds can create all kinds of myths saying that we cannot exercise or move the physical body to extreme action for whatever reason because we are fat, skinny, small, tall, sick, healthy, happy, sad, out of time. Once you engage you physical body into extreme fitness, you are pushing past the mind’s limitations. You are discovering the miracle and the power of your physical presence on this earth that contains your powerful spirit. Treat your body like it’s the most precious, amazing, priceless fine automobile in the world. – If you want to get fit, review this website, read about the fitness programs and then email me back and let’s discuss.

2. When you eat right, you provide premium fuel for your body to operate at maximum capacity which means you are not tired, you are alert and awake and charged with energy. You are operating on all cylinders. Your organs are clean and functioning well. You eat a balanced diet. You avoid refined sugar, processed foods, and limit alchohol.

If you’d like to kick start a healthy eating plan, I recommend purchasing Shakeology at my website here:
and purchase the book: Jackie Warner’s “This Is Why You’re Fat”

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