NYC here I come

We found an apartment in Harlem.  Time to finally have our own digs in my hometown NYC.  I’m so thrilled, excited and amazed.  We’ll have Nashville as the main base.

I need and crave Mother Manhattan.  New York is where my heartbeat becomes alive.  My friends and family are all here.  I feel a rush of creativity and just lose myself in projects.   Yes, Mother Manhattan loves her creative children and those with unbridled ambitions.  She even loves those who feel lost and need to be found.

Looking for an epic gig.  Something that is a legacy move for my life journey.  An important work.  A career that takes every morsel of my experiences and challenges me to grow and evolve and explore.  Does it exist?  I shall find it.

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A Link to Our Recording Studio

Check it out: – Read all about Riverfront Recording at my hubby’s website.  We will soon have a stand alone site for the studio.

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Walking the Doggie

Okay.  There are two little furry feets padding at me to go for a walk.  My baby dog Floody inspires me, too.  Get off your a$$ets mother.

On the walk we contemplate things.  Life, ideas, GOD.

It’s nice to take a break to realign, reset, reinvent.

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Ableton is enabling me….

to do all.  Be all.

This program rocks my world way more than ProTools ever did.  I feel like ProTools is PC and Ableton is Mac.  Now ProTools is awesome and powerful of course.  However, Ableton is otherworldly for the otherworldly CREATIVES.  I’m working on two remixes and composing a song, all in Ableton.  Crazy as it may sounds, I’m so super inspired because of the versatility that I jump between sessions.  One session superbly produces ideas for the other songs.

I can’t WAIT for Ableton 9 to be released.  I know it’s beta right now.  When I get my hands on that WORLD . . .I will definitely be M.I.A.  Music IN Action.  More than ever!

Ableton thanks for enabling my sassy appetite for going into creative overdrive.

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NYC Blue Blood Roots

Blue Blood roots

Blue Blood roots

My grandpa, John Mullins, was a New York City Police Officer.  Proud to say that we’ve got some blue blood roots.  We’re Brooklyneese with a dash of Queens and a sprinkle of Strong Island you might say.  John single handedly stopped a bank robbery and hostage situation in 1954, while walking his beat in the neighborhood he heard gunfire and immediately went to the rescue.

John Mullins Receives Certificate of Honor


Here he is getting an award from the Commissioner for his outstanding duty.  There’s my beautiful daddy Poppi at sixteen years old standing proud next to his Poppi.  Gorgeous grandmother Eve proudly takes the $100 award dollars.   Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Brendan look on.   Awesome family.


Callin All Cars

Callin All Cars


Here he is rollin around the Cambria Heights section of Queens.





My Poppi and his Poppi.

My Poppi and his Poppi.



The two John Mullins guys.  What an honor to have had these men as patriarchs of the Mullins Family.

I love my roots.


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10 fun Betsey Johnson inspirations.

I’m a huge Betsey Johnson fan. She is absolutely a major inspiration to me.

To pass along some of the awesomeness of this multi-talented Fashion ARTIST, here is an excerpt from Nicole Giordano at Startup Fashion who delightfully shares some top 10 takeaways from Betsey’s conversation with the ever amazing Fern Mallis.

“So, here are a 10 things I took away from Betsey Johnson Fashion Icon:”

Rule #1, Have Fun!

When you have an idea, go with it

You don’t have to go to fashion school to have in impact (Betsey attended art school and learned how to cut and sew on her own)

Believe or not, most designers are shy and insecure about their work

She (like many) started with absolutely no money, so she did everything herself

While dreams and fantasy are important, you need your clothes to sell

Nobody ever agrees about anything int he fashion industry, so just do your thing and don’t worry about what others have to say

There are a lot of people packed into one person, so don’t be afraid to express them

Only way to survive: hard work, watch the money, some luck, bring something new to the table

Words of advice: KICK ASS

and I will add something here: Don’t eff people over to get where you need to go. Don’t stomp, rob, and ignore the sweet soul of another to seize your dreams. There’s too much of that going on these days.

and something else: Love and Share.

Here is Nicole’s article:

Rock the Day.

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Emerging from RETREAT Well sort of. . .

retreatLast July, I disappeared.  Retreated.  Went into creative hiding.  Went to seek answers from the divine.  Actually, I’m still here.  Sort of Hiding.  On a cloud of unknowing….though now, I’ve inched open the door to peek into the world again.

What has made me retreat?  So many things.  Oh the noise, the chatter, the world shifting. . .etc.    Alot of things.   Had to get a grip on truth.

It was time to just withdraw, be still and dig into a new perspective on things.  Really rearrange and prioritize life and savor some sweet moments.  Since then, I’ve completely immersed myself in every facet of art, music and love.

As usual, the director of my journey, Miss Tigerlily (my motorcycle) led me into the retreat.  She stole me away from the path I was on and she spiritually catapulted me into a new sphere.  She made me take that exit ramp away from the way life was heading.  Tigerlily NEVER fails to take me where my path is divinely intended to go.  Even if I’m fighting the headwind of her new direction for me, I give in and go with her flow.  Yep, she inspired me to turn around someplace in the midwest and head the opposite direction of the road I was on.

fuelinTigerlily course corrected my journey.  Got me back on MY path of truth and purpose.   Rode me away from the illusion of newly laid clean highway asphalt and took me down an ol’ gravel pike with tons of twists and turns, cliffs and mud leading me to this interesting backroad.

I’m digging this uncharted place that has a mysterious familiarity.   Lots of treasures on this road less traveled.

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Happy Lucky 13

I’ve been on retreat my darling friends. This is why you have not heard from me. I’ve immersed myself in several forms of art these past few months. And, I’ve been nesting and dreaming, too. I’m composing a story about it. It’s good to withdraw. Very good indeed. There’s a bounty of creativity and opportunity for awesomeness when you retreat from the noisy world into the wild world of all things art and love and that includes my doggie and kitty and super fun husband.

Happy prosperous and lucky blessed 13!!!!

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The Road is Calling. . .

The Road is Calling.  Having spent the last year hard at work reinventing my life, educating myself on new social media and tech stuff, working on creative projects, and trying to make a dollar, I took a year away from riding.

Not intentionally.  It just happened.

My bike happened to have mechanical challenges and there she sat.  She’s repaired now and ready to roll.  It’s very difficult to sit at my desk working.  Because.  I can hear her breathing.  I can FEEL my motorcycle’s pulse.

Just riding her home from the good ol’ shop (thanks Panhead Phil) the nomad within – the wild child – was certainly aroused.  When I climbed back on her for the first time and turned the key and she roared to life, well, I roared to life, too.  It was like hooking up with a long lost soulmate and laying in bed together, staring at one another in awe, limbs and heart lovingly knit together.

Because I had piles of work to do for the upcoming rallies, she and I couldn’t just ride off and spend hours getting lost in that other world us riders know.  The beautiful adventure. So that short jaunt home was a tease.  Back to the desk.

The Road is Calling every day.  And my motorcycle is the symbol of roads yet to be explored. . .in the form of opportunity, in the way of the journey.

I can’t resist the call too much longer.  The back burner is cooling off and the fire is upfront.

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old soul new.

i read about an old soul.  that becomes younger.  this, to me, is the explaination of ageless.  and i’ve discovered something that unlocks the key to explaining the biker lifestyle.  we are born old souls, but as we actually do accumulate years of experience on the earth, our old souls that which are so open and aware, actually are young.  thus, ageless.  we are open and aware, which explains youth, or, new-ness.  WHAT r u new?  someone may ask and we may say yeah.  because we r new.  we approach things playfully, some what humbly but not knowing that we r humble.  so we r new, with old souls.  the real biker spirit is an old soul, old…which means we’ve been here a long time, in this particular space and in that space we’ve been alert and aware, acknowledging all the while and letting things just be.  or come what may.  or run what u brung.

that’s ol’ soul.

then there is that fun revolution, no evolution, but a revolution.  like a hula hoop with no particular defined direction just revolving around that center chakra…. fun.  revolving.  circles. returning back to center… so you really are never STARTING.  u just are revolving and passing through some super awesome experiences.  and in that circle nothing is ever the same.

what do i mean?

well, let’s take for instance, the way the young adults of today are experiencing the ’80s for the first time….to us it’s a circle, but it’s NOT returning to WHAT WAS.  it is simply revolving to a an era, never to return to WHAT WAS, but rather revolving to the experience.  way cool.

WE, as in those who have experienced that once and i say ONE revolution at the ONE time it actually occured at it’s birth which was never really a start because it EVOLVED from SOMEthing…. ah, MOTHEREARTH how she reaches and teaches us…

we also experience that revolution with the first timers experiencing the rebirth or an experience that we had as a revolution, it is theirs.  and we get to experience IT, that which is that experience that we HAD for the FIRST time, an evolution of something that was something that evolved into the revolution, actually.

And here it is again.  We are the second generation of IT…and they are enjoying the first evolution of their very first experience of that which had come before.

Hence…we are ageless because we ENJOY ENGAGE and REINACT and REINVENT the experience.  We drift through on another level.  Because the first time is so thrilling and new, and now, we who are aware, but inviting the second or third experience like it never before existed because, truly it never had, we are simply AWARE…can experience it ageless, which means NEW and WELCOMING, with no PRECONCEIVED notions.

it just is.  and we take in the moment with NOthing in our brains that will tell us…well, this is how it is, because we move through it fresh and new.

thus we are ageless  thus we are die-hard bikers.

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